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  • Baltimore County Muslim Council (BCMC): Previously, BCMC had a “static” website with very limit capabilities. The Website did not allow non-technical users to edit website content dynamically. In order to change content, users had to depend on the Webmaster to update the HTML code. With this in mind, BCMC approached SynAck Solutions Inc. to create a cost-effective solution which will help meet the organization's requirements to create a dynamic Content Management System, which will help them easily edit content. SynAck created a solution that exceeded the requirements of the Organization. Our Website Solution was able to give the Organization all the functionalities that it required, as well as improved its image in the Online Community.

  • Boulevard Contractors Corp: SynAck Solutions Inc is pleased to announce that we have won the bid to create an interactive Website for Boulevard Contractors Corp. The client required an animated flash-based solution which will help advertise the services of the corporation and attract new customers. SynAck has successfully implemented its proposal and created a visually pleasing flash-based Website.

  • Polymer Technologies Inc.: SynAck Solutions Inc has won the contract to develop an interactive Website for Polymer Technologies Inc. Headquartered in North Corolina, Polymer Technologies requires a professional Website solution which will fully represent the corporaton, its mission, as well as its products to its current and prospective clients. The Web Application is scheduled to be released shortly.

  • AZ America LLC: SynAck Solutions Inc has successfully developed the Website for AZ America LLC. The Client required a solution which would be easy to use. They also required the solution to be dynamic and easily editable by non-technical users. SynAck created a Content-Management System (CMS) to ensure that authorized personell can update the data, without the need of a Webmaster. Our Solution has saved the Client a lot of money annually, as they have been able to save the money which was previously charged by the Webmaster.

  • Islamic Society of Baltimore (ISB): SynAck Solutions Inc developed a Content Management System (CMS) using ASP.NET for the Islamic Society of Baltimore so that the organization's authorized users can modify the content on-demand. ISB was very satisfied with our product, and have awarded us the project to develop a Website for Alrahmah School, a private school run by ISB.

  • Baseer's Boutique: SynAck Solutions Inc is pleased to announce that it won the contract to develop an Interactive Application for Baseer's Boutique, a Baltimore-Based Salon. The Website is scheduled to be released shortly.